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The Italian Sound Experience!

"We believe that our products are simply perfect!"

Giorgio Cappagli  - CEO -

The PHD Audiophile Sound System products reflect our attitude and style.

Research - Engineering – Design - Materials – Handcrafting
These are the key words to manufacture an excellent product, but since we are talking about music…there is the need of a 6th element "The Magic" and that’s what every PHD Audiophile Sound System product has and you can literally feel it while you are listening to it.

Nothing sounds better because we gave a soul to inanimate materials and you can recognize a PHD Audiophile Sound Systems speaker just turning on the music.

That’s why we believe that our products are simply perfect!


"Celebrating 20 years of sound excellence"

Enrico Cappagli  - President -

A special year for PHD Audiophile Sound Systems

2011 is a special year for PHD Audiophile Sound Systems, we are celebrating 20 years of sound excellence and since this is a very important anniversary we will make it memorable!

Besides the CF, MF, FB and AF speakers, during 2011 we will present a limited edition line of products to celebrate in style our 20th anniversary with all our friends all over the world offering these unique products exclusively to selected distributors and dealers only for 12 months in very limited quantities.

This year will be unique more than you could even imagine because we are going to open also the Home Audio Division after years or preparation - Now you can also bring home the legendary PHD Audiophile Sound Systems sound!

Celebrate with us our 20th anniversary…no matter if it will be with a car or a home audio product, because you cannot get anything better!

Giorgio Cappagli Portrait

Giorgio Cappagli
CEO PHD Industrie

"We believe that our products are simply perfect!"

Enrico Cappagli Portrait

Enrico Cappagli
President PHD Industrie

"Celebrating 20 years of sound excellence"